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4 Easy Ways To Raise Your Home's Value Before An Appraisal

When you get a professional home appraiser, someone will come in and determine what the value of your home is. If you are selling your home, that can impact the size of the loan a potential buyer can get to purchase your home. If you are refinancing your home, a higher value can help you secure a better loan. 

Some factors are out of your control when your home is appraised. However, there are some things you can do to prepare for a home appraisal and increase the rate you get for it. 

1. Review Any Previous Appraisals

If your home has been appraised before, pull out those past appraisal documents. Examine and find out what issues were raised in the past. Then check your home, and see if those issues still exist. If they still exist, or if you see similar issues, work to fix them around your home. You can study your past appraisals and learn a lot from them that will help you get your home ready for the current appraisal.

2. Get Important Documents Together

Next, you will want to get important documents together for the appraiser. You will want to provide the appraiser with any information about recent improvements to your home. Be sure to share the receipts as well. Upgrades and improvements can help increase the value of your home and is information you should freely share with your home appraiser. You want to ensure that they notice the improvements you made to your home.

3. Clean Things Up

You are going to want to clean things up. You are going to want to remove clutter away from your home. Clutter can distract from the features of your home. Getting rid of clutter can help make your home feel more open and can help the appraiser see the value of your home. 

4. Tidy Things Up Outside

Next, you can tidy things up outside as well. The curb appeal of your home impacts the overall value of your home. Take the time to clean up the landscaping. Get rid of debris from your yard, such as old leaves. Trim the hedges and the trees in your yard. Clean the gutters. Add some new bark and flowers to spruce your yard. These simple fixes can make your home more attractive. 

Take Care of Minor Repairs

Finally, you can take care of minor repairs as well. Fixing up small issues that you notice, such as a broken doorknob or a loose handle, are the little things that add up and can devalue your home but don't take much money or time to fix. 

If you want to improve the value of your home when you get it appraised, follow the advice above. Take time to clean up your home and fix easy-to-take-care-of issues with your home. That is the best way to ensure that your home gets the value you desire from the appraisal process. Look into residential property appraisals for more information.