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How To Sell A Piece Of Land—It's Different Than Selling A Home

You may have a lot of land to sell in the city or perhaps an acreage or two in the country. This could be land that you had purchased yourself or maybe you inherited it from a loved one. You may find that you have no need for this land and want to sell it. You should know that selling land is different than selling a home or a developed property.

Selling land will typically take longer than selling a home as you have to target certain buyers instead of those searching for a home. You can sell the land in a couple of different ways: you can contact a real estate agent or have a land sales company help you to sell. Here are some tips on selling your piece of land.

Know Who Your Buyer Is

When selling a home, it's often easier to know who would be interested in buying it and then target your sales tactics toward them. When selling land, however, it might be a bit harder to know who exactly would be interested in buying it. The right buyer will depend on what type of property you have for sale.

For example, is the land in a residential area where other houses are? Then you might find a buyer who wants to build a home on it. If your land is in a commercial area of your city, then a developer might be interested in buying and building a warehouse or a retail establishment.

The point is, you need to know who your buyer will be and then target your advertising to those potential buyers. A land sales company or a real estate agent can help you define who to target.

Prepare The Land

When selling a home, sellers will keep the house clean and tidy for potential buyers to walk through to take a look at it. Similarly, you need to keep your lot of land in good condition and ready for sale. This means cleaning up any debris or trash that has been left there by yourself or your loved one if you are selling an estate piece of land.

You should keep the grass cut and maintained. You should take care of any weeds and rake any leaves that have fallen. You can stage the land in a similar manner as you would a house if you would like to. This could be planting some flowers or maintaining a crop that was grown there previously. This can be great for rural land that was used for farming.

The point is if you keep the land looking in good shape, it can attract buyers faster. Your land sales company or real estate agent can give you some tips on what to do to prepare the land for sale.