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Townhome Or Apartment? What Prospective Tenants Should Consider

In some areas, a growing shortage of housing is making the search for an apartment increasingly difficult. To help improve one's search results, prospective tenants may want to consider expanding their search to include another type of rental housing, such as two-bedroom townhomes. If you are searching for rental housing but have not previously considered townhomes, here are some important benefits you may find by renting one, instead of a traditional apartment. 

Understanding the differences

Before looking at a townhome advertised for rent, it is important that prospective tenants fully understand how these properties differ from apartment complexes. Apartments are constructed as individual units all located within the structure of a larger building or complex. While apartment tenants have individual units, they must share building entrances and exits, hallways, and other common areas within the building. 

Townhomes differ from apartments in that they look and function more like a single-family home rather than an apartment. Townhomes provide each tenant with their own individual entrance which opens directly into their unit. Since no common hallways are needed to get to and from each unit, tenants enjoy more privacy than they would if they were living in an apartment building. 

Quieter environment

Another advantage found in townhomes is the quieter environment experienced while inside the rental unit. Although townhome walls are often shared, units do not share front or back walls and do not have other units positioned above or below them. Sounds from neighboring units are much less noticeable due to fewer shared surfaces, making the interior of the home quieter and more peaceful to live in. 

Pets may be allowed

In addition to privacy, townhomes can also be more likely to offer allowances for pets, especially in townhome properties that include a yard or other outdoor space for tenant use. Like other rental units, townhomes that allow tenants to have a pet will likely require that the pet fit certain parameters for the breed, size, and type. In addition, pet owners will likely need to provide vaccination records and pay an additional cleaning or pet damage deposit in order to take advantage of this benefit. 

Tenant amenities

Similar to some apartment complexes, townhomes typically offer swimming pools and gyms for their tenants to use. Additionally, townhomes also offer outdoor space, usually in the form of a yard with a patio or deck space, and they may include parking and trash removal for their tenants. 

Prospective tenants who would like to view or learn more about available townhomes in their area can get the information they need by contacting a local real estate professional.