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3 Services A Commercial Drone Videography Company Should Be Able To Offer

Whether you are buying, selling, or managing commercial property, there are many things a commercial drone videography company can do to benefit you. Here are just a few services to take advantage of:

Property Assessments

One important service any commercial drone videography company should be able to offer is visual assessments of commercial properties. If you are planning to purchase a commercial property but want to assess things such as the entire landscape, building placement, public spaces, walkways, and parking spaces, drone footage can make the process easy on you.

Drone footage can capture the whole picture and allow you to zero in on specific aspects of the property as you see fit. With the visual information you receive from the footage, you can gauge the condition of the buildings, the features that are present and/or missing, and where improvements will need to be made.

Property Marketing

Another thing a reliable drone videography company should be able to do for you is create premium marketing content for commercial properties that you may want to sell. Drones can capture angles that land photographers cannot. They can fly between buildings and get into tight spaces where photographs are not traditionally possible. In addition, they can capture bright billboards from the sky at night for use in brochures and television advertisements. Drones can also capture more landscape at once, offering the opportunity to create dramatic signage that tells a story that potential customers can relate to.

Surveying and Mapping

Most commercial properties need to be surveyed to ensure that prospective owners know exactly where the property lines, power lines, water lines, and other features are located. Many buyers like to have properties they are investing in mapped out so that they can plan exactly where to build new structures or which existing structures to move, tear down, or change in some way.

Surveying and mapping are essential for raw commercial properties that need to be developed from the ground up, as these are the only ways to know exactly where things are and how to work with or around the features of the properties. A commercial drone videography company can use their equipment to map and survey any commercial property you think about buying without having to touch foot on the property itself.

A trusted commercial drone videography company can help you make good buying, selling, and development decisions for the properties you currently or plan to own. Contact a commercial drone videography service for more information.