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Moving Out On Your Own? 3 Things To Keep In Mind When Apartment Hunting

When you are single, moving out on your own and renting your own apartment is exciting. Not only will you have space to call your own, but you will also get the freedom that you deserve and not have to worry about anyone else's schedule or belongings. While you may be accustomed to shopping for an apartment to rent with roommates, you may not know what to look for as a single person. From debating between a one- or two-bedroom apartment to making sure you have covered parking, here are a few different things that you may want to consider. 

Number of Bedrooms

When you're single, you may think that you only need a one-bedroom apartment for rent, but you may want to consider getting a two-bedroom apartment instead. Why? A second bedroom can be used as an office space (which many people need these days), or it can be used as a guest room if you have friends or family who like to come and stay with you a lot. While a two-bedroom apartment may cost a few hundred extra dollars every month, if it's a space that you know you will use, it may be worth it in the grand scheme of things. 

Underground Parking

When you live alone, taking care of your personal safety is of utmost importance. While street parking may be something that you've done in the past, you should consider your safety first when you don't have anyone who can walk with you into your apartment. When shopping for an apartment, make sure that the complex offers underground parking with direct access to your building. For instance, look for an apartment complex that has elevators that go directly from the parking lot to your apartment lobby or floor; that way, you know you are safer. 

Elevator Access

When you have roommates, you can usually rely on each other to help bring in groceries and other things, but when you live on your own, it's your sole responsibility. Finding an apartment with elevator access will help save your back and legs from having to carry groceries up multiple flights of stairs. 

Convenience and safety are key when you are renting an apartment on your own. Keep these things in mind when you start the big hunt for your next rental spot. To learn more, reach out to a real estate agent or apartment management company near you.