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Work From Home? 5 Things To Look For In An Apartment

Do you need an apartment with a home office? More Americans than ever are working from home, so finding a good place to use as a work base is more important than ever. What should you look for as you tour apartments? Here are a few key elements. 

1. A Larger Space

A two-bedroom apartment provides that added space you need to work, but it doesn't provide a lot of buffer space for other things. This means most home office users also need their spare room to perform other services — such as a guest room, storage space, or den. If yours will do double duty, look for a room large enough to hold everything comfortably. 

2. Public/Private Area Separation

If you live with others, look for an apartment layout that separates the office from public areas of the home. The public areas — the living room, kitchen, and dining areas, for instance — hold the majority of the activity in the apartment. If your home office is too close to these, distractions and disruptions will be worse. Even a simple hallway between zones can help keep you focused. 

3. A Pleasant Office Environment

You need to enjoy your work area if you're going to spend a lot of time in it. The bedroom that will house your home office should be reasonably comfortable for long periods. It should be large enough to house everything you need without being cramped. A window can go a long way toward providing a sunny, enjoyable space. And the ability to have an efficient layout for your work reduces frustration. 

4. A Useful Neighborhood

What does the surrounding community provide to help you work from your home? Are there restaurants, coffee shops, or bakeries you can slip out to at lunch or entertain work guests at? Can you walk or bike to necessary errands like a post office, copy center, or office supply store? Is the neighborhood reasonably quiet so you can work? If you need creativity for your job, does the area offer inspiration? 

5. Budget-Friendly Rent

Unfortunately for the majority of work-from-home employees, you likely cannot deduct your home office from your taxes any more. All this means that you should watch your budget when choosing an apartment. By controlling costs, you will worry less and enjoy your work more. 

By factoring in your home office needs as you tour potential apartments, you can find a great place to live and to work. Learn more by touring two-bedroom apartments in your area and assessing what each offers to make your work life easier.