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4 Benefits Of Renting To Traveling Nurses

If you have an apartment or apartments you are trying to rent out, you might want to look into listing your spaces on websites that have travel nurse housing listings. These websites will usually advertise for you — they are popular among nurses that move from town to town a lot and who need short-term accommodations. Why should you consider going this route as a landlord? Well, there are a few benefits of renting to traveling nurses.

1. Nurses are well-paid professionals.

Sometimes when you're looking for a resident, the applicants you get may not be gainfully employed or might not have a high-enough income to easily afford the rent for your space. When rent costs them a big fraction of their income, they are more likely to stop paying or to pay late. When you rent to nurses, you know you are renting to professionals with a decent job. Nurses aren't set up to become billionaires, but they typically earn a good income and can afford rent without a struggle.

2. There are plenty of nurses.

When you rent to traveling nurses, you might get some residents who need the apartment for just three months and others who need it for a year. However, there will always be more nurses to rent to. You should not have to let the apartment sit vacant for many months between residents. If you partner with certain travel nursing companies, they may even send you nurse after nurse to rent your space so it's never empty. 

3. You can rent the apartment furnished.

Many landlords would rather rent an apartment furnished so they don't have to worry about residents dinging and denting the walls as they move their own couches and beds in and out. When you rent to travel nurses, you can easily rent the apartment furnished. Since these nurses typically travel from place to place, they do not usually plan to bring furniture with them. 

4. Travel nurses tend to be quiet and compliant tenants.

There are exceptions to every rule, but in most cases, travel nurses tend to be responsible people who take care of their things and spaces. They have jobs that require a large amount of responsibility, and that conscientiousness tends to translate into other aspects of their lives. You're less likely to come back to a house that has been destroyed by partying residents when you rent to nurses.