First Home Facts

Tips For Getting Through Your First Home Inspection

A home inspection can be nerve-wracking for both sellers and buyers, especially because both parties want the sale to be a success. The inspection provides value for both the buyer and seller, and it is much more than a luxury. In fact, it is a necessity for many people going through this transaction. These tips will help you through the ordeal that the inspection can feel like and help you move forward with your transaction and the journey toward homeownership.

Make Inspection Part of the Contract

It is a good idea for the buyer of the home to make a home inspection a contingency clause as part of the contract. In order for the contract to become binding, the home must be inspected properly, and both parties must sign the contract afterward. No matter who you plan to buy a home from, an inspection can save you a lot of time and trouble.

Communicate With Your Real Estate Agent

You should always talk to your real estate agent when you have concerns about the inspection. You should discuss home maintenance issues that an inspector may uncover, and you should discuss the repairs you are willing to ask for or provide (based on whether you are the buyer or seller).

Buyers Should Consider Before Using Results as Leverage

Remember to gauge the market before you decide to use inspection results as leverage to get a better deal on the home. If it is currently a seller's market, he or she may not be willing to give you those costs, and the result could be that you lost out on a house you love. Survey the market before going this route, and speak with your agent to learn more about your options.

Be Present

Many buyers express concern about whether they need to be at the home during the inspection. It is a good idea to be present for the inspection so that you can ask questions about the process and any of the results.

Use a Trusted Inspector

Finally, ensure that you use an inspector you trust when you decide who will inspect the house. You have several options out there, so make sure the inspector you choose is somebody who is credited and has a strong reputation.

Ultimately, both the buyer and seller want to work together and close the deal. The seller wants to move on, and the buyer wants to move in. A home inspection facilitates this process.