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Great Tech Tools For Residential Property Management

Like many other industries, residential property management has been bolstered by some great tools in the past few years. New residential property management tools can make the process of property management faster, easier, and more affordable. 

Online Help Desk Systems

When a tenant has a refrigerator problem, what do they do? With an online help desk system, the tenant can put in a "trouble ticket" through the convenience of their computer or their mobile phone. This will automatically alert maintenance, so maintenance can respond to the trouble ticket quickly.

A help desk system leads to satisfied tenants and streamlined operations. With help desk tickets in place, nothing is ever missed, and the property management company can review maintenance performance at a glance.

Bill Payment Portals

How is your property management company managing its bills? If it isn't through a bill payment portal, your accounts receivables office may be taxed. A bill payment portal makes it possible for tenants to manage their bills online, including any split or shared bills (such as maintenance fees).

Bill payment portals can automatically draft rent payments, so you don't need to spend the time tracking payments down. Many modern companies offer a discount for signing up for automatic payments.

Automated Forms

Automated tenancy forms make the process of managing new tenants much easier. New, all-in-one platforms for property management companies won't just collect applications, but also run background checks and credit checks for you. Rather than having to deal with tenants one by one, you can just get the end results sent to your dashboard or your inbox. With some properties getting dozens of applicants, this is a huge time saver.

Customer Relationship Management Suites

CRM suites are a mainstay for most business-to-consumer companies, and residential property management can be viewed similarly. A cloud-based CRM suite will give you all the information on your tenants and your clients in a single, consolidated platform. With some CRM solutions, you can even launch calls and emails within the platform itself, so you don't need to track additional information.

CRM suites are an excellent way to review your client retention, satisfaction, and overall growth. It can help you see trends that might not otherwise be visible, for the purposes of better decision-making.

While property management companies have been working well for decades without these tools, these tools can still make life a whole lot easier. And anything that makes property management easier increases the bottom line.