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3 Missteps To Avoid When Renting A Condo For Your Family's Vacation

Renting a condo for your family's next vacation seems like a no-brainer, right? The reality is, there are some pitfalls that could lead to a less than pleasurable experience on your trip. To make sure your condo rental is everything you and your family need it to be, avoid these mistakes.

Booking a Condo with One Bathroom

If you and your family believe that you can tough it out for the duration of the vacation with just one bathroom, you might soon find out that everyone was wrong. Your need for an additional bathroom does not disappear on your trip. If anything, there could be a greater need as everyone is trying to prepare to get out and about at the same time.

Even if you do not think finding a condo with two bathrooms important, at least consider a full and half bathroom. Having the extra half bathroom can help to relieve some of the congestion in the hallway near the full bathroom.

Overlooking the Importance of Amenities

Many families downplay the importance of amenities in their rental condos because they figure they will spend a lot of time outdoors doing other things. However, on those days when you and your family just want to sit at home and relax, having amenities can make your experience more enjoyable.

For instance, a condo rental that also has access to a swimming pool can be perfect for staying cool without the need to travel to a beach or other type of community pool.

In addition to the amenities designed to help you and your family stay comfortable, remember to ask about the security features. Having an alarm and other safety features can give you and your family a peace of mind.

Forgetting to Get the Agreement in Writing

Regardless of the friendliness of the leasing agent or owner that you deal with, you need to ensure that everything regarding the condo rental is in writing. If the agent or owner verbally commits to making changes to the agreement, make sure the physical copy is amended to reflect those changes.

Getting the agreement in writing not only protects you, but the owner. You will have a document that clearly states what is expected of you and what you can expect from the condo rental.

A real estate agent, such as from Poole & Associates Investments, Inc, can help in finding a condo rental for your family and ensuring that the proper documentation is in place.