First Home Facts

2 Surprising Must-Have Options In Your First Home

From location and price to bedrooms and HOA fees, there are many elements to consider when buying your first home. While living in the "best" neighborhood and having a set number of bedrooms may seem ideal, other factors should be considered before making an offer on your first house. With this guide, you will learn a few key features you must have in your first home.

Eco-Friendly Updates

When you buy your home, you will have many financial obligations. Not only will you need to pay mortgage payments each month for up to 30 years, but also you will have monthly energy and water bills. While shopping for your first piece of real estate, you must keep these expenses in mind when budgeting.

Thankfully, buying a home with eco-friendly updates can help you conserve energy and water, which will reduce your monthly utility bills.

To get started, opt for a house that has an updated heating and cooling system, since this will account for about half of your household's total energy usage. A new system or an older system that has been properly maintained is essential.

Ductless minisplit and geothermal heating and cooling systems are the most energy efficient options available. If you can find a home within your budget with one or these types of HVAC systems, it will be a truly smart investment.

A tankless or heat pump water heater are also ideal for conserving energy. Both of these units provide an endless supply of hot water without using an excess amount of energy.

Ask your real estate agent if the home is equipped with low flow plumbing fixtures, as well. Low flow sink faucets and showerheads and low-flush toilets use less water when compared with traditional plumbing fixtures.

Your Desired Bedrooms + 1

Most buyers want a home with 3 bedrooms. This is usually sufficient for a first time home, since it will offer a master bedroom and two bedroom for children.

If you are a family with 3 children, a 3-bedroom home may seem ideal. However, you should choose a house with your desired number of bedrooms plus one extra.

This extra bedroom may increase the cost of your home, but it will most likely be used at one point in time. If you decide to grow your family, you still not need to move out of your current home if you have this extra bedroom. In addition, the extra bedroom can be used as a home office, guest room, or storage space.

Buying your first single family home does not have to be overwhelming. By focusing on eco-friendly elements and an extra bedroom, your first home will be a smart investment for many years to come.