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Dealing With Closet Space (Or The Lack Thereof) In Your New Home

If your home buying dreams include an older gem that has character and neat architectural details, then you are likely to find a number of these properties on the market at any given time. Nothing available in the newer home inventory can compare to the feel and atmosphere of an older home, and often you can find a perfect home for you at a price that is wonderfully affordable. Older homes, however, seldom seem to have sufficient closet space and can present a dilemma for those craving those historical treasures. Read on to learn how to find that missing closet space:

No need for closets

The older the home, the less closet space you will note. If the home is very old, you may not find any closets in the bedroom at all, since inhabitants used freestanding pieces of furniture to hold their clothing and accessories. A look at homes before the turn of the century would likely to have revealed armoires, chifferobes, chests and trunks for clothing storage, rather than a small, separate room in the bedrooms. People often owned only a few pieces of clothing in earlier times, so there was no need for the large, walk-in monstrosities present in today's homes. Of course, we do own a lot more clothing nowadays and expect to have a place for them, so what can be done if you fall in love with a home that is lacking closet space?

Get closet creative

Don't let a home that has little to no closet space getaway; with some creativity, you can still have that home and have a place to store your clothes as well.

Stay true to the period: If it worked in the past, it might work for you too. You can still find freestanding furniture that is attractive, spacious and will fit right in with the historic atmosphere of your home. Consider armoires for your hanging clothes and chests of drawers for knitwear that can be folded. That space under your bed need not be wasted either since under-the-bed storage for shoes and out-of-season things can help solve a lot of those storage needs.

Use a bit of bedroom space: You don't necessarily need to build a walk-in closet; reach-in closets can provide a surprising amount of storage space without using up much of your bedroom area. With clever built-in drawer systems, you can have the storage you need without the big remodeling project.

Use a spare room: Any small room near your master bedroom could be converted into the closet of your dreams if you so wish. With very little trouble, you can outfit the walls with shelves, drawers, and rods using removable closet systems that are ready to install and can be removed just as easily if you ever decide to sell your home.

If you have your heart set on an older home, speak with a real estate agent.