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Factors That May Influence The Ease Of Selling A Property Near A Busy Road

You have probably heard that selling a property near a busy and noisy highway isn't easy. While this may be true, the extent of the difficulty depends on several factors, such as these four:

The Type of Property

Not all properties will be considered to be in undesirable locations if they are near major roads; some properties can actually benefit from their proximity to the road. For example, a commercial property that relies on the volume of customers (such as a restaurant) actually becomes more desirable because it's likely to get more customers there. It is just residential properties that tend to be affected by proximity to roads because people don't like living with the pollution and noises associated with such areas.

The Type of Road

The type of road is important because it determines not only the level of noise generated but also the extent of the pollution. For example, living near a dirt road will make your house, car and even the air dirty; don't be surprised if the air in your neighborhood is constantly dusty. A road with a double yellow line, on the other hand, usually means your house is exposed to more noise than usual because overtaking isn't allowed on that section of the road.

Mitigative Measures

Those who don't like to live near a busy road often cite the pollution, noise, and the bad view for their disdain of the location. However, all of these things can be dealt with or at least minimized. For example,

  • Tall trees or bushy shrubs may trap some of the dust particles and absorb some of the noise thereby leading to less pollution and noise.
  • Tall walls (wall fences) may also block some of the noise and dirt.
  • Thick window treatments can block the bad view and also absorb some of the road noise
  • Beautiful landscaping, particularly mature trees, may improve the aesthetics of the view

How Busy the Road Is

Lastly, the desirability (or lack of it) of your property will also be determined by how busy the road is. For example, a residential property located near a busy home may be more undesirable than a comparable home near a less busy road. The reverse applies to a commercial property that requires high traffic to survive.

These are some of the property deals that require the professional touch of a realtor. An experienced agent will know how to package your home, irrespective of its location, and make it attractive to potential buyers. Contact a company like Homestead Land Co for more information and assistance.