First Home Facts

2 Simple Things Real Estate Agents Wish Home Buyers Knew

Real estate agents strive to help you find just the right house for you. Of course, anyone who's been to a few home showings or open houses knows that finding a dream home is a bit more complex than simply finding a home that exceeds one's desired criteria. Here are a few of the things that real estate agents wish you knew at the start of your home-buying journey:

Home Sellers Aren't Your Close Buddies

A lot of first-time home buyers want to befriend the home seller. After all, it can easily feel like there's a kinship with someone who lives in the house you want to live in, and being friendly can seem like the optimal way to move forward. Yes, being friendly in a good idea, but letting your guard down and sharing too much with the home seller can be a disaster.

If you really click with a home seller, you can eventually be friends, but that relaxed friendship should only start once you've both signed on the dotted line. Until your purchase of the home is finalized, be cautious when speaking with a home seller, and don't reveal too much information to the seller or the home seller's real estate agent. While they are probably wonderful people, it's not in your best interests for the home seller's team to know too much about your personal and financial situation.

Other Home Buyers Aren't Your Enemies

Sometimes home buyers can fall into the trap of feeling that other home buyers are the enemy. They may worry that another home owner will snap up the perfect home in the area before they can even get a peek at it. However, that's probably not going to happen, and the truth is that other home buyers can be your ally in finding the right home.

You may even want to try online real estate or home buying groups to discuss the area's real estate. Networking with other home buyers can be beneficial to all, and you probably aren't going to be in competition with other home buyers you meet.

Finally, keep in mind that real estate agents are focused on people over property. Your real estate agent is there to help you every step of the way while you are looking for a home to buy. Feel free to ask lots of questions and turn to your real estate agent for help when you have issues surrounding the purchase of a home.