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4 Ways To Make Your Move Into A New Apartment Easier

Moving into a new apartment can be an exciting experience, but it can also create some logistical headaches if you're not careful. As you shop around for apartments and prepare to sign your lease, however, there are some simple steps you can take to make your move-in go more smoothly.

Ask About Furnished Unit Availability

If you don't have furniture for your new place and dread the idea of buying furnishings once you move in, you might consider tailoring your apartment search to include furnished units. This can be especially wise if you're only signing a temporary lease, as renting a furnished unit will save you the hassle of moving furniture twice and will help you avoid the hassle of shopping for beds, couches, and the like.

Find Apartments With Cable/Internet Included

Having utilities such as cable and Internet set up when you move into your apartment can be a pain, especially when you have so many other obligations to take care of. However, many apartment communities these days are beginning to include cable and Internet services as part of their lease, so finding a community that offers this could be a great way to ensure these services are already set up, ready-to-go, and included in your monthly payment before you move in.

Schedule Your Lease Signing Wisely

If you're moving a considerable distance to your new apartment, make sure you ask the leasing office if you'll be able to schedule your lease signing for your actual move-in day or, at the very least, on a date when you'll already be in the area. Unfortunately, some apartment leasing offices are not open on the weekends, so if you're moving in on a Saturday, you may need to drive out during the week to sign your lease. 

Measure Furniture And Plan Ahead

While it may seem like common sense to measure any of your own furniture that you'll be bringing along into your new apartment before the move, that may not be enough. You'll also need to consider the configuration of your apartment as well as any flights of stairs you may need to carry your furniture through to ensure you can maneuver it through any twists, turns, and obstacles along the way.

Moving is never a logistically easy experience, but by following these tips ahead of time, you can save yourself a lot of stress and hassle when it comes time for your move!