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3 Ways To Gain Recognition From Interested Buyers When Selling Your Homesteading Property

Selling a typical home and the land it is situated on is a fairly straightforward process. You simply take a few pictures, make note of the homes features, and use the information to create a real estate listing. However, when you are selling a home or piece of property that has been used as a homestead, you have something else entirely. The fact is, these types of property could easily be deemed specialized because homesteads are only attractive to a particular type of buyer. Because of this, you will have to work a little harder to garner interest from buyers. Take a look at a few ways you can make sure your homestead listing is noteworthy enough to do just that:

Make sure you know how much of the property is usable for homesteading purposes. 

A homestead can be small and conservatively sized with just a few acres, but it can also be quite large. Either way, potential buyers will want to know exactly how much land there is to work with. How much of your property can logically be used as cropland? Are there a certain number of acres that would work well as pasture land for a cow or a horse? Take note of these things and make sure you include the information in your listing. 

Highlight the natural features of the property that are self-sustaining. 

As a homesteader, you probably already know the importance of sustainability with the homesteading life. Buyers who are interested in your property will be looking for the same features. Therefore, things like water wells, natural energy sources, and other upgrades you have made to the property that will help keep it naturally sustainable will be important features to highlight in your real estate listing. 

Give detailed explanations of the outdoor buildings on the property. 

Homesteading life requires a lot of tools and equipment, from farm machinery to tools and supplies to tend to animals you have on the property. This means that exterior buildings are a huge part of your property and how it functions and should be properly attributed in your real estate listing. Whatever exterior buildings you have on the property, whether it is a simple tool shed or barn for sheltering your animals, make sure you get clear pictures of them inside and out and offer detailed descriptions so buyers will see the overall development of the property in fine detail. 

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