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Proper Etiquette For Viewing A Home On The Market

If you are going to view a house that's up for sale and the sellers are still occupying the house, they may be at the house when you are viewing it. Most real estate agents will inform them to stay in the background and let them walk you around the house, but they may still be where they can hear and see what is going on. This article will offer you some advice on how you can be polite and respectful while looking at the home, but still be given a complete tour that will help you to come to a decision on whether the house is the right choice for your family.

Ask permission to film or take pictures

If you are looking at a vacant house, then you can record the tour or take pictures. This will help you by allowing you to review the house later and compare it to others. It makes it easier for you to remember the things you liked and anything you didn't like. However, if the sellers are still occupying the house then this means their belongings are still in there. The chances are very good that they will be fine with you taking video or pictures, but it would be respectful for you to ask if they are okay with this first.

Don't talk down about the house while you are viewing it

If there are things you don't like about the house then it would be polite for you to make sure you discuss those things with those you have with you when you aren't where the sellers can hear you. While it is important for you to fully discuss your feelings about the things that you have a problem with, it doesn't need to be done in a way that hurts the seller's feelings.

Don't touch anything

You want to be very respectful of the seller's belongings. This means not touching their things while you are going through the house. If you see a neat little nick knack sitting on a shelf and you feel like picking it up and checking it out closer up, don't do it. Think how you would feel if strangers came into your home and started touching and moving around your belongings.


Following the advice in this article will help you to make sure that you are being respectful of the seller's while you are in their home. Not only will they appreciate this, but it can also help with negotiations if you don't do something that highly offends them and has them holding a bit of a grudge against you.