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Three Best Neighborhood And Home Features For A Hermit

Some people would rather be reclusive than be in the company of other people. If you are purchasing a home by yourself and you prefer to have a solo abode, you may be perturbed by people coming on or near your property all of the time. If being along and having a house to yourself is of utmost importance, you will need to make a decision on the right kind of neighborhood. Here are three features that work best for the neighborhood of a happy hermit. 

Fenced front and backyards

Almost all neighborhoods have children. Living next to children can actually be a good thing, as the families will tend to migrate towards one another. One of the negatives to living next to children is that they could run onto your yard or throw balls inside of your backyard. If you want to minimize the possibility of kids walking across your yard or possibly extending their makeshift baseball diamond onto your yard, you should have a front and back fence. While the front can be a low picket fence, you should make the back fence as tall as possible so that balls bounce off of the fence instead of into your yard. 

Covered porches 

If you want to have privacy but still get a little fresh air, you should do some improvements to your porch. If you want to have privacy while taking in your backyard, you should screen off your porch. A dark screen will make everything on your porch shadowed so that other will not be able to tell when you are outside. The screen will not stop any of the breeze from flowing, nor will it stop you from smelling any of your plants and trees. If it rains, you will still be able to get your daily dose of the day or night air without being interrupted. 

Cul de sac

Cul de sacs are often touted to families as a safe place to live. When you live in a cul de sac, there are fewer cars and fewer people coming in and around your home. If you choose a home that is inside of a cul de sac, you will not have to deal with many neighbors, cars, or walkers coming near your home. This means that you will have the ability to enjoy your home without having to worry about too much activity on or near your property.