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Why You Should Order Your Own Inspection When Buying Real Estate

Many people will skip a home inspection of their own if the seller already pays for one. However, the seller's home inspection isn't always to your benefit. You need to have an inspection of your own. It may bring up issues that the first inspector missed. Those issues can help you negotiate a better offer or make a better decision

What Other Inspections May Miss

By knowing which things an inspector may miss, you can choose an inspector who will specifically look into those things.

Things the inspection service doesn't cover

When choosing an inspection service, pay close attention to what they say they'll cover. Many inspection services will only look at very specific things. If they don't see a problem with those things, they move on.

For example, the inspector may turn on the heat or AC and see if it works. They won't check the integrity of the HVAC system or look for possible issues with hidden ducts.

Things the inspector cannot easily see

Many inspectors will only take a visual tour of the house. They will not poke, prod, and try to look for hidden problems. Because of that, it's best to seek an inspector who will perform a more thorough walkthrough.

This can all serve as an incentive for you to look in some places you have easy access to. You can also hire specialists to check on things you have a particular concern about.

For example, you can hire an HVAC specialist to check the heating and cooling systems. You can hire a roofing contractor to check the roof and underpinnings, or plumber to give a full diagnostic of the plumbing system.

The Seller Doesn't Have to Tell You Everything

Always keep in mind there are things a seller doesn't have to report, and it's better to find out about these things before closing. Even if their own inspection brings those things to light, they don't have to disclose them.

Things a seller doesn't have to disclose typically includes any "obvious" defects. Of course, what's obvious to them may not seem so obvious to you. In addition, if the seller doesn't know about something, they cannot disclose it.

What to Do With the Findings

If an inspection brings up anything, you can ask the seller to repair it. Otherwise, you can ask for a lower price that incorporates the cost of repairs.

Also, your own inspection can help you find defects the seller failed to report. Even if it doesn't help you negotiate a better price, it will allow you to make a more informed decision when buying real estate.

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