First Home Facts

Tips for Finding a Vacation Home for Sale From the Comfort of Your Living Room

The first step in finding your dream vacation home doesn't have to be the one where you're walking through the door of an open house your stumble upon when you're out for a drive. In fact, you may want to start your search for the right house to buy without leaving your current home at all. Simply go online, and there are many options available for seeking a home from anywhere in the world. Don't get lost in the shuffle. Follow these tips to effectively search for your dream home. 

Tip #1: Chat With a Real Estate Agent

When you're searching for a home to buy online, you may try dozens of searches before you come upon a house that is anywhere near the kind of house you want to check out. Don't try to search for a needle in a haystack with empty search terms. Instead, narrow in on a real estate agent near you or near the neighborhood where you want to buy a home.

Next, talk to the real estate agent directly. The real estate agent may be able to guide your online perusing and may be able to even send you links to online listings for houses the agent would like to show you. Rather than endure wasted time searching for something you're not sure you want, a real estate agent can ask questions, listen to what you're really seeking in a house, and provide targeted leads that meet your needs.

Tip #2: Search Hashtags in Social Media

Social media may be as overwhelming as the rest of the world wide web when you log in to search for a house. However, there are shortcuts to finding relevant posts that can give you just the information you desire. Use hashtags on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to find posts relevant to the neighborhood and type of home you want.

Start by looking for what hashtags may be frequently used on local real estate pages. If you see a hashtag that appeals to you and covers the type of home you want in the area, click on it. Sometimes a few posts will pop up, and sometimes many will be revealed. You can peruse them and see what you like. Luckily, the most recently posted photos tend to come up first. As you look through listings, don't reach too far back, or you may find yourself looking at homes that are no longer available.

Finally, keep in mind that the world of online house hunting for an ideal vacation home can be immense. There are no secret passageways to instantly finding your dream home amid all the possibilities on the internet. However, if you take a deep breath and commit to methodically looking at your options online, you may find a gem. If nothing else, you may find a real estate agent who can go through all the tough part of identifying the house you want so you can simply show up at showings and open houses to peruse the available homes.