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4 Reasons To Build An Emergency Fund To Prepare For Buying A Home

When you are preparing to buy a home and choosing new home builder, your main financial concerns may be on the necessary down payment, the interest that will be accrued on your mortgage, and your monthly mortgage payment. However, there are other important financial matters that must be considered as well, and one important thing that many new homeowners don't realize is that you must have an emergency fund. Here are reasons you need to make the creation of an emergency fund a part of your home-buying plans.

Reason #1: You Need to Have Security in Case Your Employment Status Changes

The economy is dynamic. Although things may seem very up for your employer and even the industry you work in, things may shift as time goes on. It's important to expect the unexpected when you take on the responsibilities of a homeowner, so an emergency fund is a way to ensure that you can go on enjoying your home even if you suddenly find yourself fired or otherwise unemployed.

Reason #2: You Must Be Able to Make Necessary and Unexpected Repairs

Sometimes pipes burst and basements get flooded. Bad weather can destroy a new roof. A homeowner is likely to encounter necessary repairs many times, and it is important to have an emergency fund so that the repairs can be made without creating a financial burden. You don't want to get in a situation where you have to choose to get in debt in order to keep your home in usable condition.

Reason #3: You Need to Maintain and Build Your Equity

As you pay off your mortgage, you will start to build equity in your home. If your property value increases, you may further build equity. If you encounter an unexpected expense with your home, you may find yourself tempted to take out a home equity loan if you don't have an emergency fund. Safeguard your equity and continue to build it by having funds available when you need them.

Reason #4: You Should Avoid Running Up Debt That Can Wreck Financial Stability

If you own a home and encounter an issue that takes up all your available cash, your financial stability could easily be sabotaged. However, if you have an emergency fund, you can use the easily accessible cash to take care of the problem without compromising your comfortable lifestyle or financial well-being.

Finally, keep in mind that you need to have an emergency fund no matter what your current employment situation is. You never know when things can suddenly shift, and an emergency fund can help ensure that you don't struggle to hang on to our home or live comfortably if you struggle at any point in the future. An emergency fund can give new home owners peace of mind.

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