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Ways To Prove You've Remedied A Major Issue With Your House When Selling

When you sign a contract with a real estate agency to sell your home, one step you will have to take is filling out a full-disclosure form. This form is legally required with all house sales, and you must be completely honest. Anyone that wants to buy your house can read this form, and it is designed to protect the buyer from purchasing a home that has inherent flaws or major issues. If your home had a major issue that you took care of, you may need to prove this to those that view your home, and here are several things you should know about this.

Why Homebuyers Might Not Want A House With Flaws And Problems

People that are out searching for a home to buy are often looking for a home that will be easy to maintain, which is why they may avoid purchasing a home that has some major flaws or issues with it. Fixing a major flaw on a house can be extremely costly, and it can also be stressful and overwhelming just having to deal with the issue and the problems it causes.

While there are people that will buy homes that have problems, it will be easier to sell a house if you fix the problems first. You are legally required to disclose the problems your house has, so thinking about not disclosing the issues should not be an option.

Some common issues that people disclose when selling their homes are water damage and foundation issues. Imagine if you were a homebuyer, would you want to buy a house that has one of these problems?

Why It's Important To Prove You Have Fixed The Issue

Now imagine if you fell in love with a certain home that had an issue but the seller had taken care of fixing it in its entirety. Would you then think differently about buying it? Many people will still purchase a house if it had a major problem in the past but has since been fixed.

Because of this, your best bet is to hire professionals to fix the problem. While this may be costly, it will improve your chances of selling the house, and you are more likely to get an offer that is closer to what you are asking for the house. Without fixing the problem, you might get an offer, but it is likely to be a lot lower than the asking price. This happens simply to give the buyer money to use to pay for the necessary repairs.

Ways You Can Prove You Took Care Of The Problem

If you decide to get the problem fixed, you will need to have proof that you did this. A simple way to prove it is by showing the receipts from the contractor that performed the repairs. In some cases, contractors that fix issues like these will offer a warranty on the work. For example, if you hired a company for water damage repair, the work they perform might be guaranteed for a certain number of years, and this warranty will most likely be transferable. A person viewing your house would probably feel a lot more confident if they received a warranty that would cover all problems relating to water damage for the next 20 years.

It is always better to be honest about problems with a house than to try to hide them. If you currently are interested in selling your house, you may want to fix any major issues it has before you list it. To find out more about this, call a real estate agent in your neighborhood today.