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3 Advantages Of Summer Rental Properties Over Hotels

Are you looking for ways to save money on your next vacation? Are you tired of paying thousands of dollars to spend your time in a cramped hotel room? Although you're not going to be spending your whole vacation staring at hotel room walls, a bad hotel room can certainly make your vacation less than pleasant. This is especially true if you're going to be spending a month or more on vacation. Instead of spending money on a hotel, you may want to consider renting an actual house or an apartment instead. Some of the advantages of doing this include:

Save money: When you rent a hotel room, not only does the room cost money but you also have to spend extra money on food. Since most hotel rooms don't come equipped with a kitchenette, almost every meal will be coming from a restaurant. Although you might be able to get away with using an in-room coffeemaker to heat up water for oatmeal or to otherwise get by on just a pastry for breakfast, you'll still need other meals. This, of course, can get quite expensive. With summer rental properties, the house or apartment will have a regular kitchen and often comes fully equipped with pots and pans. As a result, you'll be able to save money by preparing most of your own meals and only going out to eat when you really want to.

Be healthier: In addition to being expensive, eating at restaurants is generally not very healthy. Even if they have calorie information easily available, you may still be consuming more fat than you'd otherwise prefer. In addition, you may find yourself making unhealthy eating choices simply because nothing else is available right then. The kitchens in summer rental properties will allow you to eat as healthily as you wish. Instead of visiting a restaurant for lunch, you could pack up a picnic basket that morning and eat on or near the beach.

Avoid traffic: One of the drawbacks of staying at a popular tourist hotel is that it is popular. The traffic in the area is bound to be especially bad in the morning and in the evening when all the hotel guests are arriving and departing. Choosing to stay at one of the nearby summer rental properties instead can help you avoid the frustration of being stuck in traffic and of trying to find a parking place. You may even be able to find a property that is actually closer to the sights that you're planning to see than the hotel where you were planning to stay.

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