First Home Facts

Upgrades That Really Count When It Comes To Home Sales

When it comes time to put your home on the market, it just makes sense to put yourself in your potential buyer's shoes. Knowing what buyers are looking for will assist you in evaluating those potential upgrade projects so that you will get the most bang for your buck. Some things matter more than others, so read on to learn what to focus on when upgrading your home for sale.


One of the biggest motivations for buying another home is the need for more space. If you can offer additional living areas to your buyer, you will be ahead of the game. Understand that we are talking about finished square footage here. If you have an unfinished basement lurking beneath your home, you are sitting on a potential gold mine. The money you invest here will pay off, so get that carpet laid, sheet-rock those walls, and add a bathroom down there while you are at it. People are hungry for extra living room to use as a workout room, recreation/game room, teen or childrens room, a home office, a media room and more.


Another sought after feature the presence of bedroom. If you have turned your extra bedroom into an office, convert it back and put some bedroom furniture in there posthaste. Four bedroom homes are especially sought after. Keep in mind that if the room you are converting really is an office, you may need to take steps to add a closet, since that is required in some locales to call it a bedroom.

First Impressions Count

Don't discount curb appeal to pull your buyers in and keep them there. Invest in some professional landscaping and slap a coat of paint on your front door, garage door and trim. While most buyers will agree that the inside of the house matters more, if the inside matches the outside for appeal, you have a slam dunk.

Add Some Backyard Appeal

If your buyer has children or likes to spend time outdoors, you can make your home stand out by making sure that your back area checks off the buyer's boxes. A deck can be added (or refinished) and many buyers give fenced yards a few extra points.

It should be noted that any of the above improvements can be accomplished easily by the buyers themselves, but if you provide the improvements for them, you may just have added the deciding factor in your home over another. To learn more, speak to your real estate agent, who can help you further understand the relative merits of these and more home improvements.