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Four Inexpensive Ways To Increase Your Home Value

When selling your home, it only makes sense that you want to get as much as possible. Updates like a new roof, new furnace, and modernized kitchen will certainly increase your home value, but the problem with these improvements is that they're also expensive to make. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can increase your home value without losing your whole paycheck.

Clean your windows.

Cleaning your windows will go a long way towards making your whole home look a lot cleaner. It will let a lot more natural light into the home, making the space feel more open. First impressions are everything, so with clean windows, your home will make a better first impression, and you'll therefore be more likely to earn your higher asking price. 

Brighten up the landscaping.

Redoing all of your landscaping will surely be costly. However, you can spend a couple hundred dollars on new bushes, bright flowers, and some grass seed for bare areas and fetch significantly more for your home as a result. Once again, this is all about first impressions and good curb appeal! If you're not great at gardening, you can even purchase some pre-potted flowers and line them up along the base of your home and the entryway. Add a few solar lights around walking paths, and power wash your concrete. You'll be surprised at how much better your yard looks!

Leave the appliances behind.

Potential buyers will often pay quite a bit more for a home that comes with the appliances included since this saves them not only money, but also time. They'll appreciate not having to hunt for a new stove, fridge, or microwave, so they'll often pay more than these items are actually worth. So, you're better off leaving them and raising your asking price a bit than going through the hassle of selling them separately!

Give it a fresh coat of paint.

A little peeling paint in the corner or on the ceiling may not seem like a big deal, but it can make the whole place look a little more shabby, decreasing the price buyers are willing to pay. If you give the place a quick coat of neutral-colored paint, you'll likely fetch a higher price. Plus, as long as you choose a color like tan or gray, you won't have to worry about buyers being turned off by bright, polarizing colors.

For additional advice, contact a real estate agent in your area.