First Home Facts

What Factors Matter When Choosing Beachfront Real Estate?

Not all beachfront property is created equally. Most are decent investments, but some stand out from the pack as offering great value and plenty of amenities to owners. Here are some of the factors that go into choosing great beachfront homes for sale.

Local Laws and Environmental Protection

The local scene can change both the responsibilities and opportunities for homeowners with beachfront property. It helps to investigate the local environmental protection laws and see how well the community rallies around protecting local waters. It's an important factor for the longevity and health of your local waterfront.

At the same time, local regulations can limit what you're able to do with your property. If you have a specific hobby in mind, such as jetskiing, check to make sure it's allowed in your area. Local regulations may also restrict what you can build on the waterfront, such as docks, even if it's property that you own. Ask a realtor about details for any property you visit.

The Community

If you plan to live in your home year round, it becomes very important to get to know the local community. This can vary a lot based on where you are. Some communities serve as more of a summer vacation spot for homeowners, and you'll have lots of neighbors in the summer but fewer people to interact with in the winter. Other places are great areas for families to settle and have great cultural offerings year round. You might want to get to know some residents so that they can tell you which type of community you're getting involved with.

The Price vs. Value and the Location

Another factor is how pricey your area is. Certain trendy beaches have very high home values, so your dollar won't stretch as far. Other stretches of oceanfront property are more affordable, and you could have a larger home. It really depends on what your motives are for living in the community. If you need to be close to job opportunities and culture, then you might be paying for a trendier beach area. If you simply want to be on the water, but also have a great place to call home, then you could look at some of the homes for sale in more remote and less popular areas. Ask your real estate agent for help on comparing home values across different communities; you'd be surprised at home greatly different beachfront home areas can differ in price.