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Need A Little House Music? Assemble A Soundtrack For Showing Your House To Buyers

Whether you are hosting an open house with your real estate agent or simply showing your home to a few people by appointment, you may find that great music can set the scene for a successful showing. After all, it can relax people, and it can also help them imagine themselves making memories within the walls of your home. When it comes to the best songs for showing a home, the beauty is in the ear of the listener. Make some bold choices, but always keep your volume low. The focus should be on the home, not your music. Think of it this way. You are creating the soundtrack for the initial time potential buyers see the home.

One way to get a giggle or an appreciative nod is to have on home-themed music during the open house. It accentuates the mood of bring home in a not-too-subtle way, yet it can be a charming choice for home buyers who are excited to hear songs they didn't know about being home. Consider the following home-themed songs for optimal positioning of your real estate during the open house or showing.

"Our House" by Madness

It would be hard to find many pop music fans who are not familiar with "Our House", the hit song by Madness. This exuberant 1980s tune still sounds fresh and fun all these years later. Its repetition of "our house" is unmistakable. Its otherwise unusual lyrics reveal what individual family members are doing in a house.

"House of the Rising Sun" by the Animals

In "House of the Rising Sun" as popularized with the recording by the Animals, there is a fair amount of mystery in the song, and it is not clear whether the home that is referred to in the song is meant to be a real place or a metaphor. Nevertheless, the house is described as being located in New Orleans, and it is especially a fun tune for home showings in the south.

"Home" by Sheryl Crow

As a haunting ballad by Sheryl Crow, "Home" explores the meaning beneath the obvious in the song. It looks back on love while lamenting the loss of both time and love. Its repetition of the word "Home" attracts attention and the beautiful song is sure to inspire thought.

"My Home's in Alabama" by Alabama

While "My Home's in Alabama" may be most appropriate for residents of the state that shares the band's name, it can be enjoyable for people all over the world. You may want to substitute the word Alabama for wherever you happen to be when you hear it. This ditty will remain unchanged and beloved.

Finally, keep in mind that different buyers may prefer many different types of music. Take your cue from the home buyers. If they seem unenthusiastic about your music choices, you can always gently turn the volume completely down or just turn off music. If they pay you a compliment on your music selections, you may choose to turn it up and have fun with it. Let the buyer set the tone for this aspect of the showing, while you should set the overall tone for the presentation of your home with the help of your real estate agent.