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Simple Things You Can Do To Help Your Movers Move Your Stuff

After weeks or months of planning, packing, repacking and stacking endless cardboard boxes, you are finally ready for a custom relocation service to grab your stuff and get it on the truck. However, like any service provider, you want to make the job as easy and quick as possible for the guys who will be lugging your stuff to and from the truck. From making sure everything is clean and in order to the little extras that can mean a lot, here are a few things you can do to help the movers move your stuff more quickly:

Identify and Eliminate Any Potential Hazards

It took hours of scrubbing and scouring to get your old home as clean as when you moved in. However, before you allow the movers to retrieve your boxes, appliances and furniture, it is vital to give your home a final once-over to ensure no potential hazards remains.

Aside from posing a danger to the employees and your family, the movers might be hesitant to enter your home if some of these issues are present:

  • Bed Bugs and Fleas – If you have pets or have recently traveled, it is important to inspect your home and belongings for fleas and bedbugs. Pay special attention to anything soft, warm or that has come into contact with your pets. This includes your mattress, carpet and clothing. If you notice either pest, hire a professional to eliminate the issue before you allow the movers into your home.

  • Mold – Your move is going great, when all of the sudden you notice mold under your sink or on the back of your refrigerator. Even if it appears harmless, your moving company might have a policy that prevents its employees from handling anything harboring mold. If you notice mold, contact a remediation company to provide you with assistance.

  • Spills and Other Hazards – Before the movers arrive, go through your home and look for any potential hazards. For example, clean up the spilled shampoo on your bathroom floor, or make sure any cords, rope or other potential tripping hazards are off the floor.

Getting Your Stuff Together

Aside from making sure all the closets are clear and boxes are neatly packed, there are several simple things you can do to help the movers do their job more efficiently and effectively. Here are just a few:

  • Label Everything – Grab a permanent marker and label all the cardboard boxes – legibly. This will help the movers know exactly where everything goes without having to ask you to decipher your difficult handwriting. Good Housekeeping also recommends creating labels for all your boxes on the computer.

  • Have Some Tape Handy – Keep a roll of packing tape, some extra boxes, packaging material and everything you'll need to quickly repack or repair a cardboard box. This will help ensure that everything gets on the truck that much quicker.

  • Know When to Step Aside – The movers will ask you a ton of questions, and your guidance is both welcome and necessary. However, it is also important to know when to step aside and let the movers do their job.

  • Show a Little Kindness – Lugging boxes, heavy appliances and cumbersome furniture is a tough job, which is why handing the movers a cool drink or a snack is a nice gesture that will be greatly appreciated!

Getting through moving day can be stressful, for both you and the movers. However, with a little planning, the right supplies and team work, it's possible to help the movers get your stuff on the truck and into your new home and life, that much quicker!