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4 Surefire Ways To Keep Your Pediatric Office Organized

In addition to minimizing germs in the atmosphere, keeping your pediatric office organized comes with a variety of benefits such as ease of communication with patients, better managed finances, and a calmer workplace for you and your office staff to thrive in. With the help of the following tips and tricks, keeping your pediatric office organized on a day-to-day basis is a cinch:

Use Stackable Storage Bins

A great way to keep your clutter at bay is to put a few stackable storage bins throughout various areas of your office. The waiting room may benefit from a series of open-front stackable bins from places like Quantum Storage filled with magazines, books, or toys for the kids to play with.

The administration center can certainly use both floor and tabletop bins that are stackable to keep faxes, incoming and outgoing mail, and other important paperwork that needs to be processed on a regular basis.

Stackable storage units can also house patient files. Plastic bins are affordable options that are built to last just as long as metal bins, drawers, and file-keepers. They are also easy to move around when necessary.

Create a Checklist for the Wall

It might sound like micromanaging, but hanging a checklist on the wall for you and other members of your team to refer to throughout the day is an efficient way to keep everyone on the same track.

Wall checklists make sure that everyone on your team stays accountable for their actions, and helps to ensure that tasks don't get done more times than necessary. Consider including these topics on your checklist:

  • Patient File Sorting
  • Patient Follow-ups
  • Restroom and Waiting Room Cleanup
  • Appointment Verifications
  • Disinfecting Toys and Children's Areas

You can use a whiteboard, or better yet spray a wall with chalkboard paint to create a custom board that meets your daily organizational needs.

Continuously Cycle through Clutter

An easy way to keep yourself and your pediatric office organized, is to get rid of all the clutter on a continuous basis. Don't let incoming mail, supply catalogs, or old toys and shredded children's books become an obstacle. Implement these ideas to keep clutter to a minimum:

  • Keep a handheld paper shredder in any room where paperwork is processed to minimize the amount of space it takes up in the recycle bin.
  • Keep recycle bins in every separate space of your pediatric office.
  • Have a service provider pick up your recycling at least once a week to ensure that your bins don't fill up, leaving with no place to put more unneeded items.
  • Keep a big tub in the waiting room for parents to put toys or books their child might damage in so that they can be kept off the floor and properly disposed of.

It is also a good idea to through the books, magazines, and toys on a regular basis to replace them with updated versions. And to ensure that your collections are never overwhelmingly large, every time a new book or toy is added, take an older one away.

Paint the Walls with the Kids in Mind

Looking organized is just as important as actually being organized, because you won't be thinking about the messy looking tabletop or desk in the background while working with a patient or trying to focus on paperwork.

Since your pediatric office caters to children, consider painting the walls with vivid colors or fun landscapes. This not only helps to keep the kids entertained while spending time at your facility, but it helps to camouflage any small areas of clutter that might be present.

These tips and tricks are sure to make your daily activities more enjoyable and effective for everyone – team members and patients alike – within your pediatric office.