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How To Create Curb Appeal In Homes For Sale In Ballantyne

Curb appeal is a word that has been thrown around a lot in real estate. You hear about it on the news. You read about it in magazines. HGTV even has a whole show dedicated to creating it. Curb appeal is obviously important when you have homes for sale in Ballantyne, but what exactly is it? When buyers first look at homes, they have a long list of what is available in their price range. As they drive by homes, if it is unappealing, run down, or unkempt, they will keep on driving. There are plenty more to see. Homes for sale in Ballantyne on websites like need to look so amazing that buyers cannot wait to get out of the car. Luckily, it is not hard to accomplish this goal. 1. The Mailbox: Usually, the first thing people see is your mailbox because they are looking for the correct address. You do not have to buy a new mailbox, just make sure the one you have is clean and sturdy. Having a mailbox with peeling paint that is falling off the post is pretty much a turn off. Potential buyers assume that if you cannot be bothered to take care of your own mailbox, then the rest of the house must be falling apart, too. 2. The Front Walk: Luckily, homes for sale in Ballantyne do not have to deal with snow, like some of our northern neighbors, but your front walk must still be in order. Whether you have a cement sidewalk or a winding, brick path, make sure it is swept free of debris daily. Also, if there are any trip hazards, take care of them now. Buyers start to mentally add up all the repairs they will need to pay for, if they buy your home. This mental process is never good for you, or your bottom line. They will either not be interested in your home because the repairs are to excessive in their mind, or they will put in a low ball offer. 3. The Front Facade: Buyers want the white picket fence, window boxes overflowing with flowers, and the cheery red door. While creating curb appeal does not mean that you need to completely change the facade of homes for sale in Ballantyne, there are certain expectations. Your windows should be clean, the screens should be repaired, and the gutters emptied. If you do not want to get up on a ladder, there are companies that will perform this service for a fair price. Also, the shutters should be securely affixed to the home, and any missing ones should be replaced before you even list your home for sale. Likewise, the siding should not have any cracked or missing pieces. Again, your goal is to perform any outstanding maintenance and repair issues so potential buyers cannot fault your home for anything. 4. The Front Porch: Congratulations! The potential buyers have made it all the way to the front porch area. You have almost completed adding curb appeal to your home. Your goal at the front porch is to eliminate any maintenance concerns and to welcome buyers into your home. Make sure the welcome mat is new, the doorbell actually works, and the paint on the front door is not faded from the North Carolina sunshine. Add a pot or two of flowers, if you can, just don't forget to water them. Potential buyers have several long seconds with nothing to do but inspect your front door closely while they wait for their agent to get the key out of the lock box. Make sure they are impressed.